Skincare Warning: That’s why night creams are absolutely necessary

For most of us skin care is the last thing on our mind at the end of a busy day. However, according to experts, night care of our skin is very important and should not be neglected. According to dermatologist Dr. Jyoti Gupta shows the skin three Rs at night. It rehydrates, repairand renews skin layers.

The dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty agreed, adding that our skin relaxes at night, which means pores are more open and receptive. Second, when we apply something to our skin at night, it stays with no interruptions, including humidity, sunlight, temperature or, until we wake up environmental pollution. The third reason that makes night cream an indispensable part of skin care is that there is no oxidation stress at night or oxidation is limited to the bare minimum.

“So if you use products at night, it will work best for you. Hence a night cream is a must. A night cream is possibly the richest, most potent, and one of your best investments in your skin. So don’t take it lightly and yes, the night step is a must,” said Dr. Shetty in an Instagram video.

according to dr However, it is important to Gupta to apply the cream correctly. She shared the following tips you must keep in mind.

*If you expose yourself to blue light at night, it should be stopped immediately because “the skin thinks it’s day and all repair processes stop”.

*Always wash your face and remove any soiling or form so that the skin can get the maximum benefit from night creams.

*Apply night cream 30 minutes before bed to allow the cream to dry. Otherwise, creams can be rubbed off pillows and eventually get into your eyes and cause irritation.

*Finally, identify your skin type and choose products accordingly.

Here’s how you can choose a night cream based on your skin type, according to a dermatologist.

For very dry skin: Use polyhydroxy acids, lactic acid or a lower concentration of glycolic acid. It helps renew and moisturize the skin. This should be followed by a layer of intensive moisturizer moisturizer with ceramides, squalene and hyaluronic acids.

For sensitive skin: Using thermal water can soothe the skin, and adding a heavy layer of moisturizer along with serums containing azelaic acid and niacinamide can help with long-term repair.

For oily skin: She recommended using it mandelic acidAzelaic Acids and Salicylic Acid, which may help decrease overall oil production.

“For active acne, using retinoic acid helps reduce both acne and oily skin. Excessive dryness can lead to sebaceous regulation and all these creams should be followed by moisturizers for oily skin containing myrtle family, monolaurin, niacinamide, etc. For thick, mature skin: peeling once a week followed by application of retinol or retina helps with skin renewal and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles,” added Dr. Gupta added.

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