Sona Mohapatra calls Farhan Akhtar “shameless” for campaigning for women’s rights but keeping silent about Sajid Khan’s return

Singer Sona Mohapatra slammed Farhan Akhtar and Salman Khan for not protesting the #MeToo accused filmmaker Sajid Khan‘s appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss. The singer has been vocal in her comment about sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, accusing singer Kailash Kher of inappropriate behavior during the #MeToo movement. She had also criticized Indian Idol for allowing composer Anu Malik to serve as a judge on the show after serious allegations of misconduct were made.

In a couple of tweets on Wednesday, she wrote: “Coupling his own toxic masculinity for eons with #BeingHuman, though he’s anything but; Yes, my old enemy in Twitter Wars; #Salman Khan . Continues the whitewash in the BRO-HOOD. #SajidKhan. (By the way, his gifting of clocks/food trucks/surgery is just another sign of virtue).”

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “Of course we still haven’t heard from the leading voice for women’s issues in #Bollywood, whose MARD claim is to ‘teach young men gender values’ and who has been shameless enough to do it to become @unwomenindia Ambassador for South Asia (?!) ; Mr. #FarhanAkhtar. #SajidKhan not young enough?”

Farhan and Sajid are cousins. Meanwhile, Salman made no references to Sajid’s alleged misconduct on Bigg Boss, a show he’s hosted for years, instead casually opening up about setbacks the filmmaker has endured in recent years. This isn’t the first time Sona Farhan has addressed this issue head-on. In a previous tweet, she had written: “darling @FarOutAkhtar, They run an organization called MARD. You know this man and the many others personally. Speak up, only stand up when it’s convenient or worthwhile to be a virtue to “our cause,” not now? Charity begins at home.”

Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse by several women. He was banned for a year by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees. The body said in a statement Earlier this week that he should be allowed to earn a living by appearing on Bigg Boss, having served his sentence.

Farhan spoke to journalist Barkha Dutt about Sajid’s alleged misconduct in 2018. He said: “Every time something like this has happened publicly, I’ve made my opinion very clear. When it came to anyone in my family, I felt it was very, very hypocritical to remain silent on that front.”

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