Tharoor’s Poll Manifesto With ‘2024 Formula’ to revive Cong, beat BJP as Kharge to touch the ground in Gujarat

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has advocated limiting the term of office of state presidents in the party and has called for a revitalization and revitalization of the party to compete with the BJP in the 2024 general election.

Rejecting rumors that he might drop out of the presidency race due to a lack of support, Tharoor stated that he is still in the running and has received support from various sources.

“My message is to revitalize the party, give it new energy, empower the workers, decentralize authority and keep in touch with the people. I believe this will politically fit Congress to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP in the 2024 general election,” Tharoor said Thursday during his interaction with media officials at Congress headquarters, Sathyamurthy Bhavan.

Tharoor stated that he has respect and great esteem for party veteran Mallikarjun Kharge, saying the competition was friendly based on different approaches to confront the BJP and not ideological as both came from the same party.

“We need to reform the way our party works. We must bring young people into the party and give them real authority. At the same time, we should show greater respect to hardworking and veteran Karyakartas,” he said when releasing his election manifesto.

Decentralizing powers, strengthening the party at the booth level, engaging general secretaries in nation-building activities while still performing their duties as state officials, and trusting state presidents by giving them free reign in decision-making along with limiting their term in office are among 10 im Manifest highlighted points.

“We must reiterate the core beliefs of Congress. We are the Party of Inclusive India, a party that believes in equality and is against oppression. That’s the idea we stood for and fought for and we have to repeat it,” he said. If elected president, he has promised to revitalize certain institutions such as the parliamentary committee.

The manifesto focuses on the need for Congress to return to the social work ethos, Tharoor added. “The party is not a machine to hold elections every five years, but it should live with the people and serve them… we should connect with the people and work with them,” said the Thiruvananthapuram MP.

Connecting the population to people is fundamental and this is exemplified by party leader Rahul Gandhi’s successful Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said. Tharoor also said he gets a tremendous amount of feedback from ordinary party officials, especially from youth.

He said it was very gratifying for him that the youth, who are the future and also the majority in our country, are supporting him in the polls. The under-35s make up 65 percent of our population. “It’s their country, this is a young India,” he said.

“I want Congress to be the party of young India. I want to represent the aspirations, dreams and hopes of young India as (former Prime Minister) Rajiv Gandhi tried 40 years ago and succeeded in launching the telecom and IT revolution. We too must move forward now to take advantage of the opportunity young India is offering. I’m very happy about the support of the young people,” he said.

In response to a question, Tharoor said the party had a successful alliance with the DMK in Tamil Nadu and had good relations with the state government.

Meanwhile, Mallikarjun Kharge also arrived in Ahmedabad on Thursday to start his campaign for the congressional presidential elections that start today in Gujarat. Tomorrow he will visit Sabarmati Ashram and Gujarat Congress Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) office in Ahmedabad.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot had previously announced his retirement from the race after meeting and apologizing to Sonia Gandhi for the uproar in Rajasthan his loyalists had caused over a possible leadership change in the state shortly after Gehlot submitted his nomination papers for who had submitted elections for the congressman.

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