The upcoming action-adventure movie Ram Setu is getting its own official video game

The upcoming Diwali release Ram Setu has just got its own official game called Ram Setu: The Run. The game launched today was developed for phones and tablets and is now available for both Android and iOS. Developed by Mumbai-based studio Dot9 Games and leading indigenous games company nCore Games, the title is essentially an endless runner very similar to Temple Run.

The game features stunning graphics, responsive controls, and great locations. There are several characters to choose from – all obviously from the upcoming film. You can as Dr. Play as Aryan Kulshrestha (Akshay Kumar), Sandra (Jacqueline Fernandez) or AP (Satyadev Kancharana) and steer them through some exotic looking environments while dodging obstacles at the same time. Other action-related goodies include taking out enemies, driving jeeps, and avoiding drones, among other exciting challenges.

The fun is further enhanced by the multiplayer modes – you can play against a random online player, create an online lobby to play with friends, or even compete against someone close to you in split-screen multiplayer . If you score high enough, you can also appear in the leaderboard.

“Ram Setu: The Run is our attempt to combine our game development prowess with a blockbuster IP to deliver a polished, fun gaming experience that is easy for anyone to pick up and play,” Deepak Ail, Co-Founder and CEO of Dot9 Games it says in a press release. “To further underscore our commitment to this, our team has worked hard to ensure it is optimized well enough to be playable on low-end smartphones and tablets. Gaming is for everyone and Ram Setu: The Run is our attempt to make that a reality,” he added.

Vishal Gondal, founder of nCore Games, believes that Ram Setu: The Run is the company’s “humble answer to PM Modi’s Make-in-India call”.

“Ram Setu was conceived as an epic action-adventure spectacle for the whole family, and the ability to reimagine the film’s expansion as an immersive and exciting game is another step in bringing fans closer to the world of Ram Setu to bring,” said Vikram Malhotra, Founder and CEO of Abundantia Entertainment.

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