Vijay Kiragandur on Gandhada Gudi: “It’s our chance to say thank you for how Puneeth Rajkumar has brightened our lives”

The late film icon Puneeth Rajkumar’s Gandhada Gudi, a documentary about the wildlife of Karnataka, is slated to hit theaters this Friday. On the eve of the film’s release, Hombale Films producer Vijay Kiragandur penned a heartfelt note urging audiences to celebrate what he described as “powerstar’s last goodbye to the big screen.”

“No one who knew Appu Sir will ever forget him. His zest for life transmitted his smile and the sparkle in those unforgettable eyes wherever he went. It is difficult to define his fiery magic, which he was able to create and weave with his humility and that graceful smile (sic).”

The title “Gandhada Gudi”, meaning “Temple of Sandalwood”, holds a special place in Kannada pop culture. It was the title of the box office hit by Dr. Rajkumar from 1973 who protected the sacredness and wealth of the jungles of Karnataka.

“On the eve of the release of our power star’s final departure from the big screen, I call on everyone to witness the euphoria and recreate that enchanted magic that our Appu Sir was able to do. Let’s celebrate our power star, our Karnataka Ratna. Reminisce and relive those beautiful memories in Gandhada Gudi,” added Vijay Kiragandur.

The Gandhada Gudi trailer showed Puneeth Rajkumar trekking through the forests of Karnataka with renowned wildlife filmmaker Amoghavarsha JS. The “Powerstar” is also seen exploring the underwater biodiversity of coastal regions.

“With the release of Gandhada Gudi, it’s time to get back in unison and celebrate the life of our beloved Appu Sir. It’s our chance to say thank you for the way he has brightened our lives and given strength to many. We’ve all seen our hero on screen, now it’s time to experience the REAL HERO, his real emotions, his laughter and more. Come with your family, with your children and let this be a moment of epochal change for our RajKumara. One last time! (sic)”, Kiragandur said goodbye.

Vijay Kiragandur’s Hombale Films is on the road to success with back-to-back blockbusters like the KGF series and the recently released Kantara.

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