Vineet Kumar Singh says box office is valued more than one’s own talent: ‘Aajkal kaam ke baare mein kam baat hoti hai’

Actor Vineet Kumar Singh made his name in the movies when he appeared in Mukkabaaz in 2017, but despite the critical acclaim, Vineet’s success didn’t translate into many movie offers. In a recent chat, Vineet said he expected his net worth to change after that Directed by Anurag Kashyap but it didn’t happen because the industry is driven more by box office numbers than good performance.

In an interview on Unfiltered by Samdish, the actor said that box office success is more important than a person’s last name or performance. “These days people talk less about work. They talk more about first-day pickup, second-day pickup, and weekend pickup.” When asked why, Vineet said, “It’s not about last names or criteria. Irrfan (Khan)’s only film did Rs 100 crore in business, I’m sure even he wanted to (make big films).”

The actor then gave the example of the Hollywood film Joker, saying: “If you’re trying to conceive a film that has a screen like Joker, it would require a good budget. Right? Are you going to do a film like this with Manoj Bhai (Manoj Bajpayee)? Will the market give you this budget? It won’t and I’m going through this.”

Vineet openly said that the final film needs to have a certain box office collection in order for creators to invest in the next one. Vineet said, “The requirement is that if your film has a good collection at the box office, people will invest in your film. People don’t put their money on you because you’re a good artist. An actor fails in front of the box office calculations and I understand that very well now.”

He added: “Had Mukkabaaz supposedly made Rs 50 crore I might have done 5-7 big films by now too. I could have explored myself better. A good director will not fight the financial battle with me. He won’t say, “Vineet is a good actor but the market won’t give me 15 million rupees.”

Vineet was last seen in Manish Mundra’s Siya.

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