What distinguishes Virat Kohli from Rohit Sharma as captain? Ex-Kiwi Star Answers

Since taking over the captaincy from Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma has had some phenomenal results as India’s skipper. In fact, the hitman has won 10 straight-through bilateral series, an achievement any gamer in the world would be proud of. While the differences in the captaincy styles of the two stalwarts are undeniable, former New Zealand star Corey Anderson has shared insights into what sets the two apart as captains.

Speaking to CricketNext on the sidelines of Legends League cricket, Anderson said Virat makes many decisions on the pitch based on what he sees, while Rohit believes in a more proactive approach.

“They probably have slightly different approaches. I think Virat is more on the field, he kind of sees things as they are and then goes past it. Rohit is involved in a lot of these meetings and I think “He reads the game very, very well. I think he’s just very proactive in terms of how he’s going about things. He’s kind of holding back, and because I “I said he’s proactive, he’s going to take an opportunity and take it. Whether it works or not is another question, he supports it and supports his bowlers to do it too. We’ve seen with the Mumbai Indians team how well he has led this team over many, many years,” Anderson said.

Anderson had the opportunity to play for Rohit Sharma at the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, so he understands Hitman’s management style a little better. But the Kiwi cricketer believes both Rohit and Kohli are superb captains in their own way.

“He had some very, very good players in those positions that he could rely on. And I think sometimes it also depends on the captaincy, on the staff you have. And when you have bankers like they had Hardik and they obviously have Bumrah and stuff like that, it makes it a little bit easier to be able to go back to these guys and stick to a plan and know that they’re probably going to deliver more chances and Not . Virat probably had a bit of a turnover with Bangalore and stuff like that. That probably makes it a little harder to have. It’s also a consistent plan, but I think they own very good captains,” he added.


“But of course I’ve played a little bit more under Rohit, so I’ve probably seen him a little bit more and also seen how he works. So yes, I think they are both very good captains.”

Under Kohli, Team India has not been entirely successful in ICC events. The subcontinent’s giants will look to change that trend as Rohit leads them at the 2022 T20 World Championship in Australia.

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