When Hema Malini supported Esha Deol for beating Amrita Rao: “Kuch logon ko alag dhang se samjhana padta hai”

Fights between actors on set are common. During the filming of a movie, tensions arise on the set, leading to some arguments that may or may not end with the movie. One such fight that became public knowledge was that between actors Amrita Rao and Esha Deol. It got so intense that Esha hit Amrita and had no qualms. And now, in a throwback clip that’s going viral on the internet, we see Esha’s mother and Bollywood actor Hema Malini speaking for her daughter.

When Esha was asked in the clip if she was accused of hitting her Pyaare Mohan co-actor Amrita on set, she replied: “Kisi ne agar kuch galat kiya aur hum baaton se unhe samjha nahi paate hain, toh…( If someone has done something wrong, and we can’t explain it to them in words, then…”

Hema Malini interrupted Esha and added, “Dekhiya, agar koi galat baatein kehte rehte hain aur samjhaane ke baad bhi nahi samjhte hain toh kuch alag dhang se samjhana padta hai (Look, if someone just doesn’t understand something, we need to speak other ways to make them understand).’ Esha completed her argument by adding: ‘Toh ye bade haath, kis cheez ka kaam aayega (What good will these big hands be).’

Earlier Esha had said them too no regrets for hitting Amrita how she had provoked them by abusing them. “Amrita berated me in front of the director, Indra Kumar and the cameraman and I thought that was totally inappropriate,” Esha told the Times of India at the time.

She added: “To protect my self-respect and dignity, I hit her in the heat of the moment. I have no regrets because she totally deserved it for the way she behaved towards me at this point. I just stood up for myself and my dignity.”

According to Esha, Amrita realized her mistake and even apologized for her action. The Dhoom star claimed to have forgiven Amrita and now there are no hard feelings between the pair.

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