“Will Grandkids What…” say: The big statement from Netherlands Star after meeting India

Paul van Meekeren would one day like to tell his grandchildren how it felt to bowl in a World Cup match in front of players of the caliber of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Meekeren, who caught KL Rahul’s wicket in the Netherlands’ T20 World Cup game against India on Thursday, described everything that has happened in the last 24 hours as a new experience.

“You’ve seen these players on TV like 100 times and just to be there is very special. I think at the moment. I probably didn’t notice it that much, and it’ll probably go down over the next 24 hours,” the medium told Pacemaker.

When asked about the impact it had on Dutch cricket, he called it massive.

“It’s huge here too. The amount of media we got home because we’re playing India was immense. Photos and messages from people in Holland, from the family, just about the articles and I said about something , that’s a day that I’ll hopefully tell my grandkids. That’s playing against India,” he said.

Although he admires the Indian players, he never regarded them as demigods.

“At the end of the day you are playing against 11 other men. They’re not gods or anything, so it’s just man-to-man. That’s what we tried today and it probably wasn’t what we were hoping for.” The Dutch players benefited from the experience of hosting England in front of a large crowd.

“We knew there would be a lot of spectators. I think maybe the game against England in Holland this year, when we had a lot of spectators in Holland, gave some players that experience of the night.”

Money is needed to keep the mood going

Meekeren also spoke about the practical difficulties of playing against a top team like India.

“That’s what happens when you play against guys who play cricket professionally 24/7. We have guys in the dressing room who pay to go to their own training sessions and only get paid when we go on tour and play in Holland.” In Holland they have facilities but no money to maintain them unless they play international cricket.

“You know, if we could get paid it might not be a different game, but that’s different from guys who can hit 1,000 balls a week and guys who study, work and all those things.”

Teams traveling through England may play some games in Holland

Almost two decades ago, India played some games in Amstelveen but they were against Pakistan. Meekeren thinks teams that tour England can come to Holland and play a few competitive games.


“I think hopefully this year we’ve shown how good the wickets are in Holland. I think the practice wickets were excellent at home and we played a few competitive games. So there’s no reason Test teams can’t come to Holland instead to play the counties.

“We can be as competitive as the warm up against other countries. Why not come to Holland for 10 days before heading to England?” he concluded.

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