Aizawl, June 15, 2022 : Dr R. Lalthangliana, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Commerce & Industries and Higher & Technical Education today celebrated YMA Day at Chawngvawr Resort, Chawnpui Venga He advised YMA members to pay attention to their physical health and stay fit at all times as they are a blessing to others and helpers of the poor.

Dr R. Lalthangliana said that YMA is responsible for the work of YMA in the evening, grave digging, natural disasters, sickness and poor relief He thusawiah hian Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan Mizo thalaite kan ni hi a ropuiin kan nghawng hi a zahawm hle a ni, a ti a. YMA members are required to have physical and mental health to fulfill their responsibilities properly.

He said that YMA is a great and useful organization that covers every village and neighborhood in India, not to mention the world , he said. He said that YMA branches’ voluntary blood donation for the needy is a great achievement.

Kanan Branch YMA has four sections and YMA members are 2326. Two community-wide workshops have been held on YMA Day. Eight poor families received cheng 5000/- each yesterday futsal tournament and Mizo sports tournament were also held today.

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