YouTube will start supporting handles like Twitter, Instagram

YouTube is introducing handles on its platform to make it easier for users to find and search for creators. The new handles appear on channel pages and YouTube short videos. This makes it easier for users to mention each other in comments, video descriptions, and other places.

“We want to make sure creators can create an identity that’s as unique as their content, while giving viewers the confidence that they’re interacting with their favorite creators,” YouTube said in a blog post announcing the development.

Handles are added to channel names as another method of identifying a YouTube channel, but the main difference is that handles are unique to each channel, which should help creators further establish their distinctive presence and brand on YouTube.

Over the coming month, YouTube will start notifying creators and they will be able to choose a handle for their channel. If the channel has a personalized URL, that will automatically become the default handle in most of these cases. YouTube is gradually rolling out this feature as each hangle needs to be unique and each channel on YouTube needs to have one.

A channel’s overall YouTube presence, number of subscribers, and whether the channel is active or inactive, among other factors, play a role in when the creator is granted access to the handles selection process.

Once a creator selects a handle, YouTube creates a matching URL for them so they can redirect users to YouTube from other platforms. Example: There is no need to update links if the channel already has a personalized URL.

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